About Sound Bath

Come and experience sounds and frequencies that bathe, soothe, and re-energize your body mentally, emotionally, and physically. The angelic music from the crystal bowls and vibrations from the gongs enable the listener to a deep state of tranquility. Gentle yet powerful sounds initiate a vibration/sound frequency releasing stress from the body allowing the process of relaxation, renewal and expansion to happen enabling a mind, body and soul connection

Please arrive 15 minutes before to allow yourself time to get settled before the sound meditation begins. DOORS WILL CLOSE once room is at capacity in order to preserve the meditation space for participants that have entered into meditation.

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  • Help clear energetic imbalance
  • Experiencing deep relaxation, calmness and renewal
  • Enhanced energy, clarity, creativity and focus
  • Reduces all level of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Eases headaches, migraines and various types of chronic pain
  • Enhances meditation, intuition, and a greater connection to peace and understanding